Punjabi Folk Festival - Celebrates unique and rich Punjabi culture.
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Punjabi Folk Festival

Punjabi Folk Festival is one of the largest dance festivals of its kind in Alberta (Canada). It takes place during the month of May organized by Punjabi Folk Dance Association of Alberta and provides hundreds of dancers with the opportunity to perform and learn in a professional and constructive environment. It is a showcase of traditional Punjabi folk Dances. The festival has different kinds of competitions including Bhangra Competition, Nanhi Punjaban, Gidha Competition and Solo Dance Competition. Beside all the dance performances Association organizes the exhibition of Traditional Folk Items of Punjab which depicts the Punjabi culture. The main motive of the festival is to teach Punjabi culture to younger generation and keep in touch with our roots.

The festival began in 2010, and has now grown to include over 300 performers, distributing medals and trophies to young dancers. Each year, the festival concludes with a Best team of the Year, Best dancer of the Year and Titles of Nanhi Punjaban , with tickets open to the public. It is the real showcase of Punjabi folk art. Punjabi Folk dance festival is marked on the calendars of punjabi dancers and their families all over Alberta. We invite you to come and share in the experience!


The Festival


Bhangra Competition


More than eight very talented teams compete in this competition . In this competition first, second and third team honored with trophies. Also, first team declared as a team of the year. In solo dance competition first and second position get honored with individual trophies and dancer of the year.

gidha (1)

Gidha Competition


Girls team compete in this competition, it is also a part of nanhi punjaban competition. Best Gidha dancer honored by title Gidhian dee Rani. This competition is based on the traditional folk art of Punjab.


Nanhi Punjaban


More than 30 girls participate and show their talent in cultural knowledge, dance and dressing sense. In this category girls honored with eight different titles like Nanhi Punjaban,1st runner up,2nd runner up, Best smile, Gidhian dee Rani, Talented Punjaban, Most Intelligent Punjaban, Best Punjabi Dress.

folk ex

Punjabi Folk exhibition


In exhibition hundreds of Punjabi families participate and display their very old traditional items of Punjab. It is an educational tool for the young kids to know about their culture. This exhibition is entertaining and encouraging people to value their traditions and customs.


Past Events


Upcoming Event

Gallery 2017

Results of 2017

Bhangra Competition

Marak Punjabna Dee

Kaur Group

Junior Phulkari

Solo Dance Competition

Khushdeep Kalley

Mehak Arora & Roopam Sekhon

Nanhi Punjaban

Nanhi Punjaban

Taranpreet Kaur Brah

Best smile

Japleen Kalsi

1st runner up

Diljot Kaur Kahlon

Best Gidha dancer

Khushdeep Kalley

2nd runner up

Ravneet Kaur Dhillon

Talented Punjaban

Mehak Arora

Solo Dance Competition

Best Punjabi Dress

Arsdeep Gill

Most Intelligent Punjaban

Jasleen Kaur Sehmbi


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Each year we’ve tried to make the Festival a little bigger, a little better and a little more fun. This would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, supporters and volunteers. Everyone’s passion and dedication are so hard to come by and your selfless dedication speaks volumes.

We’d like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their part in making the festival a success.